Have YOU realized how important it is to be mobile-friendly?

We all rely on Google to be seen, right? We expect that we will get new clients/customers and prospects when they search for our website on Google. BUT, since 21st April, Google now looks at YOUR website in a different manner. Google now ranks mobile-friendly sites higher and most especially those on Smartphones, and you WILL BE UNSEEN if you do not take this into account.

But what does that mean to me?

  • 60% of online traffic comes from those using mobile devices.
  • Smartphone web searches are set to topple traditional search methods, such as desktop.
  • RWD or Responsive Website Design is a crucial factor.
  • Google will now demote websites which they feel are not ‘friendly’.
  • The bottom line is…can you afford NOT to make necessary changes to your website?
  • What should you be thinking about when creating a mobile-friendly site?

Have you got:

  • Is your site responsive? Meaning does it use flexible or fluid grids, fluid images and CSS3
  • Media Queries to adapt to the viewers’ different device widths and resolutions?
  • A simple menu, where things are easy to find?
  • A search bar at the top, which is clean and readable, bearing in mind that some devices are very small?
  • Do you understand what the market is searching for? Make options available at the top; (for example, when searching for a restaurant, you want to see the menu or directions).
  • Finger-friendly buttons, which are big and clean.
  • Is your mobile site organized but intuitive?

Manana, manana…tomorrow NEVER comes!

Although the crucial date was April 21, if you haven’t already ensured you are mobile-friendly, it does NOT mean that you have missed the window of opportunity. BUT, do not delay. Google will constantly be crawling through your website and so you still have the chance to get with the program! Do not keep putting it off; it really can be done without adversely affecting your site or visitors.

Can I make the transition without expert help?

The good news is that you can but unless you have a certain amount of technical know-how, it can be a difficult task to undertake. Google has a quick way of you finding out whether you are currently mobile-friendly. But remember, it’s also about capitalizing on the user experience so don’t just depend on the underlying base of the website’s deployment.

But I still don’t get it!

The site will need to be redesigned using correct website programming, so unless you have ‘insider’ knowledge, then you really need to seek a professional’s help first and foremost. There’s no other choice. One of the benefits of choosing a marketing design firm, is that they will assist you to re-evaluate your vision/mission and then make sure it’s still aligning with the primary website. After all, it is a small investment in the future success of your business and one which should not be ignored. Can you afford NOT to?

Above all though, don’t stress yourself out. Think of it in this way: your website would have been a brochure many years ago. If you decided to change certain things about the company, then you would have updated/redesigned and reprinted your brochure, costing you considerable $$. It’s the same concept here. Companies will always have to put money into digital media and indeed it’s still an investment in your marketing. Google GETS that people are searching mobile more and more, and so they are asking businesses to keep up with the demands of their target audience. In the long run, it will help you stay in front of your target audience and convert that into sales.

Feel free to give us a call at (713) 240-8299 so we can explore your options and benefits to converting to a mobile-friendly site. At forGreen Marketing & Design, we love being helpful and seeing companies success in every way.