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Improve your company’s or organization’s awareness by having inspirational leader Mary Frances Blatchley speak at your location. Check out just a few of the topics she covers:


For CEOS/Business Leaders

Marketing is Not an Option, It’s a Must
How most CEOs/business owners fail to understand marketing as one of the four main segments of the business model and what to do about it

Relationship Capital Defined
Defining and understanding the sum of all of the relationships of all people within and connected to an organization or defined scenario

The Subtle and Profitable Power of Brand Distinction
How choosing the most relevant differentiated benefits will not only result in brand preference but brand insistence

The Power of Employee Engagement
The easily overlooked and underestimated profit asset of every company

Marketing Director vs Sales Director
Defining the true roles and responsibilities of your sales and marketing team for optimal effectiveness

Phone Protocol
Understanding the Importance and value of the first point of human contact and channeling the service flow


Practical Tactics

Creating Successful Integrated Marketing Communication Campaigns
Where most efforts disconnect and how to fix them

Email Marketing – The Most Powerful Marketing Channel Available
What goes into a complete email strategy and the mistakes to avoid

Basics in Branding YOU, Then Your Business
Match your personality with branding your business, as well as, the best tactics to reach those in need of your services

2017 Strategies to Fast Forward Your Small Business
Heads up to what your small business should be adopting this year, and the next

The Term “Marketing” Unraveled
Fast track to once and for all understanding what is marketing and everything that falls underneath it

Why You Keep Getting Screwed by Website Designers
Everything you need to know about creating a website before you create it


Mindfulness in the Workplace

Heart-Centered Leadership
How to utilize mindfulness as a leadership practice to stay on purpose and succeed 10-fold

Creating a Culture of Excellence and Efficiency through Compassion
How to drive down stress, turnover costs and dissension by instilling mindfulness in the workplace

Making Your Office Space Healthier & Wealthier
10 ways to make your work place healthier and more productive

Practicing Meditation Throughout Your Workday
Techniques and tips to implementing a meditation practice in the workplace

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