HAVING BEEN IN MARKETING AND BRAND COMMUNICATIONS FOR OVER 20 years, I can definitely say that the last three years have been the fastest changing market-sphere I have ever seen. Just a few years ago, I was providing Bridge Marketing consulting, transitioning companies from traditional to online interactive marketing. Then, it was pure interactive and social media education and consulting. Now, it’s keeping up with technology and social media communications so I can incorporate it into all my clients’ plans. No longer is social media a by-product integration but rather a staple on the marketing food chain.

Social Media : The Ultimate Roller Coaster Ride

We’re traveling over the social media roller coaster hump and are well on our way around and around all those speeding loops and turns with no end in sight. The initial adrenaline is gone and now we’re left with that hand-gripping, heart-pounding fear factor where one wonders “when is the last curve coming before the stop?!” Well, it looks like we are in for a long, continuous and surprising ride as social media is here to stay and is the prominent marketing medium. It is even being coined with a new term “Socialnomics”.

What does that mean for your company—for every business?

Simply put – get on the ride or be left standing in line because not only are companies on the track, so are all your prospects. There are no options. It’s just a matter of what types of social media to integrate, which need to align with a well-thought out strategy, as this social coaster has a great many unknown curves, hills and dips. Any way you look at it, social media marketing must be taken seriously. This is about massive group involvement, massive group communication and a massive shift in marketing. I believe the RossiSpeaks video below says volumes about this growth. Any and all marketing professionals, CEOs and CFOs would benefit from viewing as it puts the magnitude of social media transformation into perspective.

Strap on your seat belts and enjoy the ride!