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Do you feel your marketing efforts are scattered and disconnected? Or maybe you're having a difficult time defining short- vs. long-term goals? Confused about which vendors to use for what services? Which marketing project you should tackle first, second ...? 

Well then, it's time to revamp and relaunch with a clear vision and new goals. Sign up now for your private POWER HOUR STRATEGY SESSION and gain instant insights and clarity on what your next steps should be.

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You have so many questions. Here are your answers.  No need to ever be confused, stressed or stopped. 
Led by Marketing Guru, Mary Frances Blatchley, this Power Hour Strategy Session is perfect for small- to mid-size business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who need a clear vision on their business and marketing strategy and which actions steps to take IMMEDIATELY. 

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“The insights you gain from an hour with Mary Frances are literally mind-boggling. Its more than just an assessment of your current operational and marketing efforts. Its a dynamic discussion of what your company can look like with an effective business strategy in place. Mary Frances has a rare innate quality to grasp business concepts and suggest some immediate steps to take. What Mary Frances taught me is that marketing transcends to both outward- and inward-directed actions – from how you handle phone calls and train employees, to how you present your product or service to your customers. Her innate business sensibility means she is able to provide short-term solutions with long-term strategies. Be sure to tape the session as you will be both overloaded with ideas and feeling empowered to take on the world."

Allison Haun, Marketing Director | Solarcraft, Inc.

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INSANITY : Doing the same thing over & over again and expecting different results.
                                                                                            ~ Albert Einstein

Yes, it's time to stop and sharpen the ax!

Your private Power Hour Strategy
 Session is all about getting innovative, smart and immediate answers that pertain to your specific business needs now. Whether its insights on a full blown businss plan for a large business or best practices for individual networking opportunities, you will gain INSTANT insights that you can immediately implement. 

Personally conducted by CEO/Marketing & Operational Consultant Mary Frances Blatchley, you will be provided premium one-on-one business consulting to eliminate TODAY's obstacles NOW. 

About Mary Frances

A cross-disciplinary thinker, multi-entrepreneur and speaker, Mary Frances Blatchley is an expert in innovative marketing strategy, business operations, creative and brand development, interactive technologies and green/wellness initiatives. For nearly 30 years, Mary Frances has been providing her clients and peers the opportunity to take a brand leadership position through beautifully executed, award-winning strategic marketing campaigns and refined business practices. 

Recognized as a leader in the marketing, sustainable and wellness communities, Mary Frances has served on numerous boards, spearheaded various non-profit associations and been featured in various publications. She regularly speaks on strategic marketing, interactive media, business resilience and personal wellness.

"I believe in preventing messy situations before they happen. But if you have one, you can be assured I can help you clean it up."