We are coming into the final quarter of 2011, which is the optimal time for businesses to be laying out their marketing budgets for the following year. This year be sure to include a line for SPONSORSHIP dollars for charitable organizations and local events. There are numerous benefits that go beyond the typical marketing campaign, not to mention assisting in organization a success. Here are just a few:

• Increased visibility gained throughout the community which leads to increased brand recognition. Simply put, your company does get marketing.

Improved public perception by being an advocate for your local community. Let’s face it, everyone likes to support their own team, thus a community will support those businesses who invest in their own neighborhoods rather than those they feel are just profit-seeking corps.

Building of new relationships through a different market exposure. Just like any service provider, the organization/event also has to market to gain visibility which will put you in front of a fresh, new target audience.

Perks – usually, especially in the case of events, the organization is glad to provide free attendance or speaking opportunities, putting your sales team right in the middle of the action & attention.

Social satisfaction that you are helping a local organization be successful in their mission. Bottom line – it just feels darn good to be a part of something positive and help out when you can.

Here are some of the cool groups and organization that we like to support. Check them out and see how you can particpate:

Houston Solar Tour & Green Energy Fair

Business-2-Green Professional Networking


Green Marinas

Houston Green Office Challenge