If you’re not engaged, you’re not engaged. To me the most accessible form to lead generation is networking. Not to mention it’s often a great learning experience, as well as enjoyable. What other forms of lead generation can you experience where it’s expected you engage, and often encouraged! Also you have the opportunity to meet many new peers and prospects in one place, at one time without having to leave the room.  Then there is always learning opportunities from a speaker or two. The kicker – you get fed, often with a breakfast or lunch. I can’t remember feeling this good about my last cold call.

The best part—networking is easy. Remember the time your parents weened you into a presentable young adult, where you were told to look your best in public and always use our manners. This included looking someone in the eye and giving the proper handshake upon meeting them. This is the same concept. Look your best, use your manners, look them in the eye and handshake. Easy from the start.

forGreen_business networkingNot to mention, I believe we are living in the “center of the universe for events” – Houston, Texas. This city loves events. Hundreds and hundreds of professional events take place each year. I actually overhead someone recently say he was a professional networker (I wish I grabbed his business card as that job sounds great). Truly there is no excuse not to get out and network your business to success.

To help jump start you, I provided a few upcoming events that happen to be in industries that interest me, mostly sustainability and marketing. Of course, with some simple Google searching you can also be well on you way to some great events around town that apply to your specific interests. Take 30 minutes to do some research and start filling up your calendar.

My Upcoming Events

My Houston 2040 Happy Hour
Nov 11, 5 pm

USGBC 2010 Annual Chapter Meeting “Sparkle Green”
Nov 11, 6 pm

Air Alliance Houston – Open House
Nov 12, 4 pm

American Marketing Association Breakfast
Nov 12, 7:30 am

LEED AP, AIA and IDCED Continuing Lunch & Learn
Nov 12, 12 pm

Keep Houston Beautiful – 010 Mayor’s Proud Partner Luncheon Invitation

Nov 15, 11:30 am

Houston Wellness Association Golf Tournament
Nov 15, 12 pm

American Marktein Association Thought Leadership Series
Nov 16, 6 pm

Houston Interactive Marketing Association Workshop and Happy Hour
Nov 17, 3 pm

Houston Green Scene Green MiXer
Nov 19, 5:30 pm

Business-2-Green Professional Networking Event
Nov 30, 5:30 pm – place TBD

Houston Interactive Marketing Association Luncheon
Dec 2,11:15 am

2010 Houston Business Expo

Dec 14, 8 am