(3 of a 7-part series on social media)

With any marketing channel, defining your goals is a must if you’re going to be successful.

Knowing what to measure begins with your audience and your business goals. With social media, connecting your business goals with your social media efforts is a must. Why? Because the customer can respond to the marketing message or the experience at the time of consumption, when emotion reaches its peak. This can impact your company’s image, products and services both favorably and unfavorably. Therefore, monitoring the airwaves and responding appropriately to comments is important for protecting your brand, improving the customer relationship and defusing any negative feelings. Furthermore, addressing any issue on the spot demonstrates a concern for the customer and has the potential to strengthen the relationship and loyalty. Hence, the customer is now in control of conversing openly about your products and services that can directly impact your sales and influence your company’s internal operations. Therefore, monitoring the conversations is an essential practice to managing your brand.

socialmediacalculatorWAYS TO MEASURE SUCCESS:

– Sales Conversions help identify which messages and channels are effective in attracting visitors and producing sales.

– New Friends help identify the demographic that is interested in your brand.

– Recommendations help identify loyalty and the level of confidence in your brand.

– Conversations help identify who is talking about you as well as the level of interest displayed in your products or services.

These are just a few of many available metrics that can be tracked to determine social media success or to determine areas of improvement. When selecting your key metrics, be aware of your audience’s activities and places of participation. In other words, if your audience isn’t on Twitter, then don’t set a metric for audience engagement with this tool. The behaviors of your audience will determine your strategy and determine which metrics will support your campaign.