An old story recollects how two men were chopping pieces of wood. The first man labored hard and steadily all day long. The second man also worked hard but every so often would stop and take a break. While on his breaks, he would call out to the first man and say, “Come and have a rest, I want to show you something that will help you.” But the first man would say, “Not now I’m busy. I don’t want to lose any time.” By the end of the day, the second man had chopped far more wood than the first man. This was a surprise to the first man because he was sure he had worked harder than the second man. So he asked, “How did you do it? I mean, how did you cut more wood than me?” And the second man replied, “Well every time I stopped to take a break, I sharpened my axe!”

Expand Your Skills to Success

A simple story, but a good illustration of how such a small act can have such a significant impact. Years ago, I was running a creative and production department of 25+ employees for a publishing company, when my newly assigned boss pulled me aside and stated, “Mary Frances, you need to stop and sharpen your axe.” At the time, I thought I was pretty darn good at managing everything, but it wasn’t until an outsider brought it to my attention that I realized all the sap that was leaking out of my system, and how the consequences were affecting an entire department. It was definitely time to paused for a moment.

Today, I see so many business peers in constant production mode who end up either exhausted, frustrated or conflicted at the end the week. They are “too busy” to stop and realize the issues at hand or the goals they are truly trying to obtain, and then, don’t produce the optimal results they expect. In business, this one-sidedness often shows up in various aspects :

  • Strategy
  • Resources
  • Creative
  • Execution

Sharpening the axe can be the difference between hard work and diligence, efficiency and effectiveness.

Making a Difference in an Hour – Make that a Power Hour

When you are hacking away with a dull axe, it often takes an outsider’s perspective and knowledge to provide you valuable insight to get back on track and become seamlessly productive. That’s why I developed the Power Hour Strategy Session for ANYONE and EVERYONE. I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to gain the power of clarity, answer all the questions they have objectively and provide actionable insights that can immediately be used to increase their success.

This is the same expert guidance that my retained clients receive monthly. I’ve witnessed many “ah-ha!” moments during these sessions. In a nutshell, it is a personalized one-on-one session that enables business owners, entrepreneurs and go-getters in getting re-focused or to help them jump start their success stories. It revolves mostly around marketing and creative, with the added benefit of operational strategy. Each session is customized to each person’s concerns with the intention of providing a clear vision and clarity on next steps.

Topics could include :

  • Strategies on all current & upcoming projects
  • Clarifying the business’s vision & mission
  • Obtaining a speed evaluation of the current brand status
  • Consultation on internet marketing, digital media, print & other marketing endeavors
  • Best practices coaching related to all areas of your business affected by marketing
  • Defining long-term goals & short-term action plans
  • Brainstorming on new products & services
  • Review the website or other marketing materials for ROI value
  • Deciding which vendors or platforms to use for which service

It’s a known fact, that every professional can benefit from an outsider’s perspective from time to time. This provides the perfect forum for that to take place without any future obligations. This is truly a business “enlightenment” hour that provides tactical steps that can be implemented immediately by the individual or their employees.

If you or someone you know is struggling with clarity, feel free to connect with me today. Or, to learn more about how you can set up your own personal Power Hour Strategy Session, click HERE >>

Power Hour Strategy Session

I believe in preventing messy situations before they happen. But if you have one, you can be assured I can help you clean it up.

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