What if there was one activity you could do today that would increase your sales, expand your referral base, broaden your awareness and provide you an opportunity to give back? Well, that my friend, would be called Green Networking and there is quite a handful of it taking place in our own Houston backyard.

August B2G Summer Sunrise Networking Event

August B2G Summer Sunrise Networking Event

We recently founded the group Business-2-Green Professional Networking Group to bring together the diverse eco-sectors in Houston in one area where they can intermingle. We never imagine how much more we, and the participates, would get out of it. There’s something different about green networking that we have not found from other networking events. Excitement, newness, interest, innovation and contribution seem to be at an all-time high when you attend a green event – and all on a global conscious level. It reminds me of that first day when a carnival comes into town (for those us who still remember) and everyone just wants to have fun, experience something new and genuinely want others to experience the same.  It’s not part of a job task but more about fulfilling a purpose to contribute which just heightens the results.

So if you’re looking for a way to connect on multiple levels, and in return gain something valuable – including both knowledge and increased sales – we suggest you check out one of the green events below. If you come away from it with nothing more than learning how you can train yourself to sustain, well then, you just made your world a little bit better already!

Head over to Taft Street Coffee in Montrose (2115 Taft) on September 3 from 6:30 to 9:30 for a Green Mixer. Whether you are full of green knowledge or are looking to explore your own green-curiosity, this is a great opportunity to network, share information and perhaps learn something new.

Join the Young Leaders group of the Urban Land Institute on September 15 at 5:30 for a tour of New Living. You’ll have a chance to learn more about ULI‘s commitment to education and sustainability in development and land use. You can also check out different New Living products that can take your home or business to the next level of green.



Another great upcoming event is the 6th Annual Houston Solar Tour on October 3. The all-day event kicks off with a solar social at Discovery Green at 9 a.m. After that, there will be a self-guided open-house tour of 20 different residences and commercial buildings that showcase energy-efficient technologies and have installed solar-energy systems. You’ll get to see working solar systems and learn more about different energy technologies. Read our blog post for more details.

Starting October 8, Discovery Green will have the art exhibit “Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet” on display. Local, national and international artists will decorate up to 50 globes illustrating different ways ordinary citizens can take steps to prevent global warming. These five-feet-wide, seven-feet-tall globes will be on display until December 31. Be sure to visit this display while it’s in town. Not only will you learn techniques on minimizing your impact on the environment, you’ll do it while observing some inspired artwork.

For a more educational event, there is the Houston Water Conference at Rice University on October 13. The Shell Center for Sustainability will host this conference which will analyze Houston’s sustainable growth, water, health and policies that matter. Experts will answer questions about water needs and quality for now and the future.

Last but not least, the annual Texas Bioneers Conference is a must-attend event for Houstonians. The three-day conference (October 16-18) is the ideal atmosphere to connect and share ideas with innovators from a broad spectrum of backgrounds. Discuss anything from urban living to holistic education and anything in between. Houston Mayor Bill White has this to say about the conference: “Houstonians have the opportunity to hear and learn from leading experts about what all of us can do to strengthen our community and make our world a better place.”

Whether you decide to go on a solar tour or you’d like to discuss water sustainability projects, you have a venue to do so and discuss in our fair city. So go forth and network!