abkaty_forgreenI recently had the privilege to be featured in the Green issue of Absolutely! Katy magazine. I found it an interesting occurrence as I reminisced about my relationship to both the magazine and with the publisher, Beth Nightingale. When I first landed in Katy, Texas, some eight years ago, I found myself in Beth’s living room brainstorming about a magazine she wanted to create. She knew I had a background in publishing, and we were going to see if there was a connection. Although we didn’t pursue that project together, we remained friends. Fast forward eight years and Beth is now the owner of a successful, multi-regional publishing firm, while I continue to grow in the marketing communications field. Although we rarely see each other, it was a great feeling knowing that we could reconnect again on a new level, reminding me how honoring relationships is so important.

The Good Green News

I was very excited that Absolutely! Katy actually produces such an issue. It represented how green was becoming more mainstream, even in the distant suburbs of Houston, one of the largest cities in the USA. In addition, the interview was a reflective time for me. In our busy day-to-day worlds, we don’t often stop to remember “why are we doing what we’re doing.” It gave me a proud sense to know that what I was doing as a marketer also reflected who I wanted to be as a friend, neighbor, sister and mother. Someone who was living a life of purpose, for hopefully the betterment of all those I touched. And, hopefully, this interview will provide others to reflect and understand how a sustainable way of thinking and behaving truly is one that will provide all a healthy, long and prosperous future. Enjoy!