B2G MiXer

B2G MiXer

We’re announcing today the launch of our monthly Green business networking group called B2G MiXers (for Business-To-Green). We’re pretty excited as we want to get connected and connect more diverse industries/sectors within the Houston Green community. After putting on the unconference GreenCamp-Houston’08 it was clear to us that the new Green movement was much like entering junior high—a bunch of “clicks” are formed. Basically the surroundings are new, the pre-teen is trying to figured out where to go and naturally they land with people that talk the same as they do, have the same interests and look alike. B2G Mixer’s would like to break down those walls and have one big pep rally!

So instead of having the Green Building group, the Green Mind-Body-Wellness group, the Energy group, the Home Resources Group, the Environmental Group, etc., we intend to just have the Green group – a place where all advocates of Green can come together and network, collaborative, educate and pay it forward.

The “official statement” of the group is as follows:

The intention of B2G is to provide a safe and inviting environment where green companies (i.e., sell green products/services), hybrid green companies (i.e., not sell green products/services but adopt green intra-company
policies/practices) and professionals with interest in green initiatives come together to network, collaborate
and provide services to each other in order to create awareness, facilitate education and promote the utilization of green practices.

Our Mantra –  Business + Green = Positive World Change

We invite all of you to join us each month. We’re still checking out venues and setting dates. I’m sure our next blog will entail all the details of where and when our next upcoming B2G MiXer is going to take place so check back soon.

In the meantime, make sure to get business cards and ideas ready so you too can connect!