forGreen announces its latest speaking topics for mid-summer 2015. Improve your company’s or organization’s awareness by having our inspiring and innovative leader Mary Frances Blatchley speak onsite at your location or event space.

Check out our topics covered:

•• Marketing is Not an Option, It’s a Must

How most CEOs/business owners fail to understand marketing as one of the four main segments of the business model and what to do about it

•• Relationship Capital Defined

Defining and understanding the sum of all relationships of all people within and connected to an organization or defined scenario

•• The Subtle and Profitable Power of Brand Distinction

How choosing the most relevant differentiated benefits will not only result in brand preference, but brand insistence

•• The Power of Employee Engagement

The easily overlooked and underestimated profit asset of every company

•• Creating Successful Integrated Marketing Communication Campaigns

Where most efforts disconnect and how to fix them

•• Marketing Director vs Sales Director

Defining the true roles and responsibilities of your sales and marketing team for optimal effectiveness

•• Email Marketing – The Most Powerful Marketing Channel Available

What goes into a complete email strategy and the mistakes to avoid

•• Phone Protocol

Understanding the importance and value of the first point of human contact within a business


About Mary Frances Blatchley

Mary Frances Blatchley bio image

A cross-disciplinary thinker, multi-entrepreneur and speaker, Mary Frances Blatchley is an expert in innovative marketing strategy, business operations, creative and brand development, interactive technologies and green/wellness initiatives. For nearly 30 years, Mary Frances providing her clients and peers the opportunity to take a brand leadership position through beautifully executed, award-winning strategic marketing campaigns.

Recognized as a leader in the marketing, sustainable and wellness communities, Mary Frances has served on numerous boards, spearheaded various non-profit associations and been featured in various publications. She regularly speaks on strategic marketing, interactive media, business resilliance and personal wellness.


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