Fonseca Design Group is a premium residential and commercial architectural design firm that specializes in luxury Mediterranean, Spanish, Italian Villa, Bungalow, Victorian, Craftsman and California styles. A recent project of theirs included the design Chateau Bray, the largest home in Texas and 40th ever in the USA, which encompasses 67,478 square feet total covered area.

As with many boutique firms, their focus was in providing responsive services to their clientele and not their own branding tactics. Therefore designer and owner, Rick Fonseca engaged forGreen to develop a modern, functional and recognizable brand as he was expanding both the architectural firm and his online home floor plan business.


The solution was a contemporary word logo with clean lines that emphasized the name Fonseca, with the intent of it becoming a household name. The crisp straight lines and exact arcs/bends, without serifs or any other unnecessary curves, characterized the specific elements used when creating architectural drawings.

The proceeding 3-dimensional logo icon in the shape of a building was kept general to represent any building form – home, commercial, industrial – leaving the future expansion of the company open to suit any clientele.

The incorporation of the “F” creates the perfect undeniable brand icon portraying “Fonseca” and will be able to be used alone as the brand becomes more recognizable. It is also valuable in self displaying in other forms of marketing such as shirts, signage, mobile applications, etc. Together with the type it creates a visual starting point that naturally leads the eye from left to right.

Black and red were carried over from the original look to maintain brand cohesiveness. Set against a black background, the contrast of the subtle use of red in the icon pops, emphasizing the “F” even more. The black will also be the foundation of the future website redesign which will help highlight the images in their design portfolio.

The logo easily translates well to a white background, maintaining a powerful brand image.

In summary, the task of finding a balance between artistic design and real life function with a modern flare was accomplish – which is also what the Fonseca Design Group does through their own client designs.

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