How New Company Values Can Increase Job Satisfaction and the Bottomline

We all say we want to be “green”, but does this passion extend to the workplace? Tim Saunder, author of Saving the World at Work says the answer is a resounding “YES!” In fact, by embracing a green culture companies can actually increase employee satisfaction at the office.

photo_15706_20100428A few years ago most company executives at this point would respond with the “what’s in it for us?” line, but by 2010 we all know the value of anything that keeps employees happy and healthy. By increasing job satisfaction your employees will work harder, stay longer, and have less sick leave – which translates directly to more $$ for the company.

By reducing your company’s environmental impact your employees can feel good about who they work for, and know that by working there they are helping to make a difference in the world. As former Chief Solutions Officer for Yahoo! Tim can help companies take the steps they need to introduce green concepts into the workplace, and help involve employees in the process so they feel included and valuable.


Not only does Tim offer concise information through Saving the World at Work, but he also has an incredible website that offers online forums, blog, articles and links to help companies take their greening to the next

level, as well as increasing the quality of work life for your employees. It is a great resource, and offers valuable information for those who are dedicated to green marketing and looking for new idea, or for those who want to get started.

Ignoring the power of going green has cost many companies in the past, both in the green marketing department, as well as the value it provides when it increases employee job satisfaction. Take the next step now, and by bringing green concepts into the workplace you can achieve the triple advantage of happy workers, better products, and a healthier planet.