GREEN TALK: Getting Skeptics to Buy Using Interactive Marketing Tactics

April 1st – 11:15 am – 1:15 pm

Location : Maggiano’s Restaurant (Galleria)

Description : A growing population of environmentally conscious consumers is emerging from the convergence of environmental concern, energy prices and limitless information. These customers are demanding “real green” products from “real green” companies and are skeptical about most companies’ claim on green. The outcome is a longer selling cycle and a reduction in customer loyalty. Join guest panel speakers from Houston’s leading green businesses: New Living, Green Lily Events and forGreen Marketing & Design. They will address key issues at the forefront of the challenging green marketplace and share how they overcome obstacles using interactive marketing strategies.

Key Takeaways:

* Discover the language and communication style that appeals to niche consumers.
* Learn how to use the interactive & social media tools that connect with the green audience.
* Polish your marketing voice to attract and retain a specific targeted audience.
* Engage with a cautious and even smarter consumer.
* Customize your online marketing efforts to create a community of buyers.
* Outpace your competition through a unique brand message.

Guest Panel Speakers:

Jeff Kaplan, New Living

Jessica Zapatero, Green Lily Events

Mary Frances Blatchley, forGreen Marketing & Design

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