Needless to say there are many advantages of a well designed, user friendly website for any business. Overall your website basically expresses your brand and its offerings which, if done effectively, should align with your business goals. Just as important to what the viewer experiences, the internal functionality of a website can be a god-send, saving you costs associated with time, employees, analytics, reporting, etc. Ultimately your website should increase profits as well as save you money.

Below outlines some of the fundamental advantages of well designed, user friendly website. Review each statement and ask if it correlates to your own website. The more “Yes” answers the more your website is doing its job to serve your company. If you are coming up with a lot of “No’s” then it may be time to re-analyze your website strategy.

Advantages of a well designed, user friendly website:

• Provides increased and/or reinforcement of the brand experience, assisting in converting and retaining them as client
• Introduces and educates potential clientele to the brand, increasing conversion to an offline client
• Publishes and organizing information as the only system that allows users to execute commands on their own time, letting them feel in control
• A user friendly, functional site increases customer confidence letting them know your business is serious and dedicated to their needs
• Reduces number of other hard promotional costs (printed company brochures, paid print, TV and radio advertisement, etc.)
• Provides cost effective promotions and marketing via SEO and social media strategies
• Provides answers to frequently asked questions therefore saving staff time
• Provides a time-saving shopping experience and support for clientele
• Accessing information about customers buying patterns and interests thus providing further marketing opportunities
• Automates collections of orders for events, payments and clientele details
• Is an online database of services which is relatively quick, easy and inexpensive to modify
• Improves communication with clients via email which is professional and convenient
• If optimized well, keeping an edge on competitors

Have more suggestions to the list? Feel free to provide your company’s experiences.