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forGreen Marketing & Design is a creative marketing and design firm that offers its clients the opportunity to take a leadership position in their marketplace. forGreen develops and implements brand positioning and coordinated advertising strategies utilizing the latest interactive technologies to achieve positive results for its clients. forGreen offers a harmonious mix of creative design, web and email communications, social media marketing, and strategic marketing planning.

Mary Frances Blatchley bio imageHead Kahuna in Charge  – Meet Mary Frances

Progressive Marketing & Operational Strategist | Brand & Creative Expert | 3+ Decades of Success

A cross-disciplinary thinker, multi-entrepreneur and speaker, Mary Frances Blatchley is an expert in strategy, business operations, creative and brand development, interactive technologies and green/wellness initiatives. For over three decades, Mary Frances has provided her clients and peers the opportunity to take a brand leadership position through beautifully executed, award-winning strategic marketing campaigns.

Recognized as a leader in the marketing, sustainable and wellness communities, Mary Frances has served on numerous boards, spearheaded various non-profit associations and been featured in various publications. She regularly speaks on strategic marketing, interactive media, business resilience and personal wellness.

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